Beauty Brands that Recycle

The fashion and beauty industry can be hard on Mother Nature. Fabric, raw materials, packaging, processing, production, and shipping can leave a lasting environmental footprint (even if it is in the shape of a six-inch heel). Thankfully, many companies, brands, and retailers are adopting environmentally friendly and sustainable practices in an effort to decrease their impact on the environment. Looking good and doing good has never been so rewarding. Continue reading


5 Tips To Become Responsible Green traveler

The Responsible Green traveler

green traveller-rubbish clearance londonTravelling to different places is a source of joy to everyone. We’ve got to see different views, meet different people, encounter different beliefs, and experience different culture but above all of this we should not forget our responsibility as traveler.

Outdoors vacation

Try to experience camping once in awhile aside from saving in a hotel room, you will be more close to nature. You will be sleeping under the moonlight, have a bonfire, cooked food like the ancient times and you can also hear the sound of crickets in the night. It is a wonderful experience because you can help nature by not using modern amenities that are harmful to environment plus camping trip means you are not limited by the location of affordable Malpais hotels.

Alternative travel

rubbish clearance london-bikingChoose alternative travel with less environment impact.If you are planning to different places choose a ride that will have a less impact to the nature like it is better to ride a train instead of airplane because airplane releases more air pollution that train and if you can a ride a bike while go sightseeing is much better that a car. It can be a good exercise.

Make donation to offset your travelling emissions

Don’t forget to donate some few bucks in every place you visit to help them restore the beauty of their place and it is also your pay for leaving a carbon footprint.

Pack light to reduce waste

The rule in travelling is to pack light as much as you can. Bring only the essentials. We can also help the environment if we pack light because we don’t have any garbage  to throw in the streets.

Shop Sustainable

Organic products are the latest today because it is not only helping the nature but also well for our body. Many people are supporting the advocacy of going organic. Organic food taste better anyway.

Rubbish Clearance London

Now You Can Recycle Your Cigarette Butts

rubbish clearance london,rubbish removal london,waste removal londonA Dublin inventor has patented his invention of converting cigarette butts into plastic. He’s whole garage is filled with cigarette butts rubbish clearance from partner bars, restaurants, shops and homes.

A cigarette butt thrown to his windshield prompted Blake Burich’s Dublin to create his company InnovaGreen Systems.

“I was driving down the highway and somebody flicked a cigarette butt out their window, and it bounced off my windshield and I just got to thinking, there’s something we can do about that,” Burich said.

“A lot of times, you give people a piece of plastic and they’re like, ‘No way. That’s not cigarettes,’” Burich said.

Burich invention can create many useful products.

“Insulation products, sound deadening, paint additives, water proofing, rust proofing,” Burich said.

Burich also develop cigarette butt receptacles from cigarette butts.

“Our intention is to get them before they hit the ground,” Burich said.

one of their investors Parsons Avenue Merchants Association used grant money to purchase 10 butt receptacles.

Parsons Avenue Merchants Association said that this receptacles have help reduce cigarette rubbish on the streets.

Burich said:”I hoped to grow my business by shrinking cigarette litter.”

“Let’s stop trashing our environment,” Burich said.

According to Burich, a number of partnerships have allowed him to recycle more than 1 million cigarette butts since 2003.

In 2003, with the help of concerned individuals and companies, they had recycled 1 million cigarette butts.

Recycle your nappy to become furnitures

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