Travel To Salem and Celebrate Halloween

Do you want  your travels to be memorable then I suggest you  go to Salem, Massachusetts.They are a famous destination during  the Halloween. Rumor has it that witchcraft was once practiced here centuries ago and people were executed because it. If you want to know the legendary stories, horror rides are prepared just for you.

Here are the scariest things you can do in Salem

Salem Trolley’s Tales and Tombstones

Scream with all your capacity for an hour long. Reenactment of murders and executions are famous in this place. Get hold of yourself for the stories that could pop up in your dreams.

Haunted Harbor Cruise

If you like to hear stories about pirates, monsters, and haunted lighthouses, choose this tour to creep you out. An hour and a half tour with haunted stories could make you wish that the tour will end soon.


Witch City Segway

Have you ever wished for a broom stick? Have a tour on several locations with a Segway. It will make you feel that someone might be running after you and not of human in nature.

Derby Square Tours

Want to be scared on a walk? Visit Witch Trial Trail and Terror Trail, it will make you walk faster than ever and running can also trigger it.


The House of the Seven Gables

Watch horrifying performances that are inspired by the events that the alleged witches has undergone centuries ago. Live performances are showing for the whole month of October.

Salem Witch Museum

Stage performances were prepared for its visitors but it’s not showing until the sun has set. The performance shows the trial of the alleged witches or if your too afraid and just want to  enjoy life on the beautiful Santa Teresa Costa Rica beach.


Things That You Should Do Before Surfing in Santa Teresa

Surfing in Santa Teresa

Santa teresa SurfingSurfing is one of the most vigorous activities that an individual could engage in. It takes the coordination of your whole body in order to enjoy surfing.

Surfing also improves the strength of your muscles, heart rate, body balance, and endurance. In total, this activity would make you more fit and healthy.

It would take a lot of effort and preparation whenever you plan to engage in surfing. Always clear your mind from anxieties in order for you to enjoy more.

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Travel Tips For Your Expensive High Tech Gadgets

It was  the most romantic spot of my travel and I was ready to capture the perfect  moment then suddenly my camera goes dead!?

What a bummer. There were already a lot of signs before I left the hotel but I ignored it.
It was my most unforgettable moment as a traveler.
It even gives me shivers recounting those important shots I was not able to take and  now I am new person, much wiser and much more prettier.

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Top Places To eat in Texas Rangers Ballpark

Texas News– We pay homage to the Texas Rangers home opener of the 2012 baseball season with a list of places to eat at Rangers Ballpark.

Here are Rangers Ballpark’s Five Standouts:


Captain Morgan Club

If you don’t want to Champion Dog with your mouth you need to do it with your eyes only at Captain Morgan Club.








The Budweiser Bowtie at Vandergriff Plaza

It’s not just basic concessions, kiddie meals and candy, anymore. The plaza now has four new restaurants that you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Taqueria (street tacos)
  • Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs)
  • Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers)
  • American Dog  (hotdog)




 Waffle Dog

Like eating waffles? Like dogs? Check it out and then comment here if it’s a terrible idea or the best baseball concession ever. [Section 128)










Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is offering ticket holders the option to get a full meal in two hours before the game and up to one hour after while enjoying a great view. [Lower Level entrance]




Fry Depot

Choosing Cajun or garlic fries is easy, but watch out for the gum or your teammates might not appreciate your seventh inning cheers. [Sections 9 and 42]








Lower Level


Asian Wok: Stir-fried noodles. (Section 124)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower, but so far, no city brews. (Section 131)


Batter’s Eye Club: A special climate-controlled seating area with indoor amenities at Center Field.

*The Budweiser Bowtie: Offers four new restaurants including Taqueria (street tacos), Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs), Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers), American Dog (hot dogs). (Vandergriff Plaza behind Center Field)

*Captain Morgan Club: A sit-down joint with a full bar  and that little 2-foot, 1-pound hot dog known as Champion Dog also available as “the Boomstick” at stands in Sections 16 and 42. (Lower Level entrance)

Chicken and More: The Chicken of Chicken and More is for the chicken tenders and chicken-fried steak sandwiches. The More is for hot dogs and corn dogs. (Sections 121 and 130)

Coney Island: Hot dogs with various toppings, but Texas Rangers fans should probably opt for chili.  (Sections 42 and 118)

Diamond Club: Dishes made by Chef Cris Vasquez are available to all, with a game day ticket and opens two hours prior to game. (Lower Level entrance)

Fry Depot: These garlic and Cajun fries don’t mess around. (Sections 9 and 42)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. You can also find one at Grand Slam Snacks in Section 132. (Section 42)

Homeplate Healthy Choices:  If you crave for some turkey sandwich or veggie dog, this is the place. (Section 131)

*Sweet Baby Rays BBQ: The Ranger Tater is definitely the most fun to order out loud. (Sections 115 and 134)

Texas Two Step: Looking for the BLT hot dog? It lives here. (Sections 117 and 135)

*Waffle Dog: Two things that shouldn’t go together but tastes good. (Section 128)


Lexus Club Level


 Ale House: A general beer depot. (Section 241)

*All You Can Eat Seats: All you can eat barbecue chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and sodas. (Sections 246-252)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower. (Section 209)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. (Section 237)

Tex-Mex: Really just nachos and different snacks. (Section 237)

Texas Grill: Burgers and sausage-on-a-stick. (Section 209)

Texas Grill Cart: Hot dogs and peanuts. (Section 240)



Upper Level


Backyard Beer (Section 326)

The Range Grill: Everything from chicken tenders to hot dogs to nachos for the upper level. (Sections 308 and 337)

The Shortstop: Foot long corn dogs and other batter-fried options. (Section 343)

*The Snack Shop: Plain and simple Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and popcorn. (Section 302)


Also widely available throughout the stadium:


Peanuts and,

Hot dogs


Ballpark Favorites: Beers of the WorldBlue Bell ice cream, various nachos options (including meat-topped) and other items featuring stadium cheese, sticks and batter.


Do you have what it takes For A Solo Travel Tips

There are many Pros and Cons when it comes to traveling especially when you’re all by yourself. Don’t ever let the thought of you traveling alone stop you from conquering the world and experience a once in a lifetime adventure.

Here are some tips for you:
• Create a detailed itinerary before you go.

In case there is a need to contact you, print out a detailed itinerary and give them to your friends and family in order to somehow ease their worry if your travelling to Costa Rica.



• Know that traveling “Solo” doesn’t mean you’re traveling “Alone”.




Many people would wonder if traveling solo would just make you lonely but the truth is, not at all. In these cases, you would actually meet more people especially people who is also traveling alone.



• Choosing a destination where people speak English.

Knowing that it’s your first time traveling solo, it’s best to start with places where you can communicate with locals if you are having problems rather than throwing yourself into situations where language barrier is a big hindrance for you. Stick with Western countries to limit your culture shock.


• Do some researching about your destination before you arrive.

It’s best to check out a map and familiarize yourself with the place and learn about any safety issue. Not all tourist area of a city is the safest. Ask your hotel or hostel to give you a highlighted map for you to know the safest place to explore alone.


• Realize the perks of traveling solo.

Think of all the possibilities when traveling on your own. You won’t have to answer to anyone and get to decide what to do and where to go. It may also be a chance for you to reflect and just get lost in thought while enjoying the view of the place. You get to be in control.


• Have travel goals.

Traveling without a companion may be a bit of overwhelming so you need to get your goals straight. Making a list on what to do and what you’ve accomplished is the best way to start. You should expect the unexpected and try surfing  at Suck Rock for example.




• Utilize technology to help make traveling easier.

There are travel apps and tools that make traveling easier to most solo adventurers. There are group forums for a particular place where you can attend meet-ups and great events when you’re in the city and enjoy the scenery from a local’s point of view like Montezuma.



• Keep yourself open to new adventures without putting yourself in danger.

It’s your first solo trip and suddenly fear start to creeps in. DON’T! Let go of your fear and make the most out of your Santa Teresa  vacation. But you also have to be mindful with the decisions you are taking and always trust your gut!




• Make time for yourself.

Yes, it may be a good way to take the time off from your usual schedule but there’s still a chance for you to feel depressed and homesick and those entire traveling make you tired. It doesn’t mean you have to pack your bags and head home. All you need is a little bit of pampering, call someone from home and just relax for a little while and do different  activities in Malpais like Yoga.



• Learn how to stay safe.

Don’t let the thought of you traveling alone scare you. As what is stated above, find out the places where you need to be more careful than usual. And don’t ever bring valuables if it’s unavoidable check out garments where you can stash your valuables safely. Hop into a cab immediately once you feel uncomfortable, especially at night.


• Know that traveling solo isn’t for everyone.

If you’d much prefer having company while traveling then its best not to try going alone. Though it’s recommended to try it at least once in the end it may not be the best option for you. You can always opt for a group tour in Malpais Costa Rica if you can’t find someone to accompany you.

Travel Scandal Involving Expedia, and Inter Continental Hotels Chain

Top Online Travel sites and a hotel chain are involve in fixing hotel room prices at unsuspecting online customers.

A investigation that took almost two years was conducted by Britain’s Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has determine that Inter Continental Hotels Group(IHG), the owner of the Holiday Inn chain conspired with and Expedia to stop the increase in discounts being given to online customers trying to book for a hotel in their site.  OFT thinks that this problem is also happening to other  major online booking travel sites and further investigation will be conducted.

British-based IHG and US-owned protest this accusations and they will show proof that they are not doing anything illegal. Thus problem arise when a small online travel agent was stopped in providing promos for hotel rooms.

OFT said ” and Expedia had entered into separate agreements with IHG which appeared to breach the 1998 Competition Act. Expedia allegedly violated rules from 2007 to 2010, the OFT said, adding that the arrangement between and IHG was continuing”.

The regulator continued ” The alleged infringements could limit price competition between online travel agents and make it harder for new online travel agents to offer cut-price deals.”

OFT chief executive Clive Maxwell said: “We want people to benefit fully from being able to shop around online and get a better deal from discounters.”

Mark Datta, managing director of a mobile-only hotel booking service, Blink Booking, was not surprised by the findings. He said: “We have long believed that the big online travel agents have been guilty of denying consumers the best prices — and that hotels’ hands are tied by price parity agreements.

“The online travel market may appear to offer plenty of choice and competition, but the reality is that there are lots of different shop windows selling the same rooms at the same prices — with those prices agreed through deals between the big groups and the big online travel agents.”

IHG and said they would contest the OFT’s “provisional findings”. IHG said its arrangements with online booking agents were “compliant with competition laws”.

Expedia said: “Expedia remains committed to ensuring it provides consumers with the widest possible choice of travel options at competitive prices.”

Santa Teresa Beach



Santa Teresa Beach Many beach lovers want to be captivated by the wonderful scenery and surfers fell in love with the waves that guarantee world-class surf. However, you don’t have to be a surfer in order to enjoy the beach, by just walking to the Caribbean or Pacific coastline you can enjoy a picture-perfect view.

From Santa Teresa Costa Rica
From Santa Teresa Costa Rica
From Santa Teresa Costa Rica