Top Three Vital Tips to Make Your Costa Rica Trip Safe and Hassle Free

Costa Rica

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of travelling abroad especially if your destination is Costa Rica. With its wondrous offerings, it’s understandable why people momentarily forget the other side of the coin. Avoid problems even before they arise while in another country.

Get acquainted with things that matter like currency and other money matters, travel documents, health and medication, local environment, and safety issues.

Currency, tipping, and other money issues


The Colon is Costa Rica’s official currency. Most banks will give you a fair exchange rate. If you find yourself short on Colon’s, don’t worry as most businesses accept U.S. Dollars. Tipping is expected but only in high-end restaurants and Malpais hotels. Expect to give a tip of $1 – $12 to tour guides. Tipping taxi drivers is not necessary but appreciated if there’s additional service rendered.

Visas, passports, and other documents

Passport of Costa Rica

To get a 30-90 day visa, you are obliged to show your passport upon entry. Also prepare to have your departure ticket in your name and dated before your visa expires with you. When travelling by bus, expect the border officials to collect your passport. It’s also fair to note that it can take hours for your passport to be returned to you and for the bus to cross the border.

Immunizations  and other health concerns


It’s advisable to get hepatitis A and B as well as typhoid vaccines on top of the routine vaccinations recommended when travelling to Costa Rica. Be aware that this country teems with wildlife and if you plan on getting in close proximity with them, rabies vaccination is recommended to be on the safe side.

Make sure you receive anti-malarial drugs though malaria isn’t a serious problem in Costa Rica, this is just for prevention. If you have health problems or other pre-existing medical conditions, have your doctor prepare a prescription for the medicines you need to bring. Note that some medicines may not be available there so ask your doctor for alternatives in case you run short of prescription medication.


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Things That You Should Do Before Surfing in Santa Teresa

Surfing in Santa Teresa

Santa teresa SurfingSurfing is one of the most vigorous activities that an individual could engage in. It takes the coordination of your whole body in order to enjoy surfing.

Surfing also improves the strength of your muscles, heart rate, body balance, and endurance. In total, this activity would make you more fit and healthy.

It would take a lot of effort and preparation whenever you plan to engage in surfing. Always clear your mind from anxieties in order for you to enjoy more.

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Top Places To eat in Texas Rangers Ballpark

Texas News– We pay homage to the Texas Rangers home opener of the 2012 baseball season with a list of places to eat at Rangers Ballpark.

Here are Rangers Ballpark’s Five Standouts:


Captain Morgan Club

If you don’t want to Champion Dog with your mouth you need to do it with your eyes only at Captain Morgan Club.








The Budweiser Bowtie at Vandergriff Plaza

It’s not just basic concessions, kiddie meals and candy, anymore. The plaza now has four new restaurants that you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Taqueria (street tacos)
  • Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs)
  • Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers)
  • American Dog  (hotdog)




 Waffle Dog

Like eating waffles? Like dogs? Check it out and then comment here if it’s a terrible idea or the best baseball concession ever. [Section 128)










Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is offering ticket holders the option to get a full meal in two hours before the game and up to one hour after while enjoying a great view. [Lower Level entrance]




Fry Depot

Choosing Cajun or garlic fries is easy, but watch out for the gum or your teammates might not appreciate your seventh inning cheers. [Sections 9 and 42]








Lower Level


Asian Wok: Stir-fried noodles. (Section 124)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower, but so far, no city brews. (Section 131)


Batter’s Eye Club: A special climate-controlled seating area with indoor amenities at Center Field.

*The Budweiser Bowtie: Offers four new restaurants including Taqueria (street tacos), Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs), Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers), American Dog (hot dogs). (Vandergriff Plaza behind Center Field)

*Captain Morgan Club: A sit-down joint with a full bar  and that little 2-foot, 1-pound hot dog known as Champion Dog also available as “the Boomstick” at stands in Sections 16 and 42. (Lower Level entrance)

Chicken and More: The Chicken of Chicken and More is for the chicken tenders and chicken-fried steak sandwiches. The More is for hot dogs and corn dogs. (Sections 121 and 130)

Coney Island: Hot dogs with various toppings, but Texas Rangers fans should probably opt for chili.  (Sections 42 and 118)

Diamond Club: Dishes made by Chef Cris Vasquez are available to all, with a game day ticket and opens two hours prior to game. (Lower Level entrance)

Fry Depot: These garlic and Cajun fries don’t mess around. (Sections 9 and 42)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. You can also find one at Grand Slam Snacks in Section 132. (Section 42)

Homeplate Healthy Choices:  If you crave for some turkey sandwich or veggie dog, this is the place. (Section 131)

*Sweet Baby Rays BBQ: The Ranger Tater is definitely the most fun to order out loud. (Sections 115 and 134)

Texas Two Step: Looking for the BLT hot dog? It lives here. (Sections 117 and 135)

*Waffle Dog: Two things that shouldn’t go together but tastes good. (Section 128)


Lexus Club Level


 Ale House: A general beer depot. (Section 241)

*All You Can Eat Seats: All you can eat barbecue chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and sodas. (Sections 246-252)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower. (Section 209)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. (Section 237)

Tex-Mex: Really just nachos and different snacks. (Section 237)

Texas Grill: Burgers and sausage-on-a-stick. (Section 209)

Texas Grill Cart: Hot dogs and peanuts. (Section 240)



Upper Level


Backyard Beer (Section 326)

The Range Grill: Everything from chicken tenders to hot dogs to nachos for the upper level. (Sections 308 and 337)

The Shortstop: Foot long corn dogs and other batter-fried options. (Section 343)

*The Snack Shop: Plain and simple Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and popcorn. (Section 302)


Also widely available throughout the stadium:


Peanuts and,

Hot dogs


Ballpark Favorites: Beers of the WorldBlue Bell ice cream, various nachos options (including meat-topped) and other items featuring stadium cheese, sticks and batter.