Another Emmy for JESSICA LANGE On American Horror Story 2012

I have always admired Jessica Lange’s acting style and now She has been rewarded again through her devotion , an  award coming from the Emmy’s.

The EMMYS is an award giving body that support the talent of the actors and actresses in the television and movies. They give recognition to those actors that portray their character with an exemplary style just like my idol Jessica.

In the recent EMMYS Jessica Lange took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Miniseries at the 64th annual Emmys awards ceremony for her work in “American Horror Story”.

“I felt we had told that story in the first season and to return to it and revisit it was less interesting to me than starting fresh with a whole new place, time, characters, story, circumstances,” Lange told reporters backstage of the series co-created by Glee’sRyan Murphy.

“I’m actually enjoying it; it’s like doing a different film.”

American Horror Story, following its 13-episode freshman run, was revealed to be an anthology type of series– rebooting itself with a different location, theme and plot every season.

In a controversial move, the series was submitted in the miniseries and movie category; where it was shut out in the major awards save for Lange’s acting win. (HBO’s Game Change collected the miniseries/movie Emmy.)

Jessica Lange is an American actress who has worked in different types of media such as film, theatre and television. She works in the movie THE VOW and BIG FISH which has been a top grosser in the cinemas.

Lange will return for Season 2 of “American Horror Story,” subtitled “Asylum,” but as a completely new character and I am so excited. I hope they can do some Malpais and Santa Teresa Beach scenes in a haunted Areas of Costa Rica next time.

Homeland Raked Most Of The Emmy 2012 Awards



Homeland Raked Most Of The Emmy 2012 Awards

Emmy 2012 Awards

Texas news– A CIA story titled “Homeland” has unseated Mad Men who have been the best drama series for four consecutive years in a row.

This was the first Award for Showtime in a Drama Category.
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Most Common Effects Global Warming is Here

Droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes are the major effects of global warming. Here are the other effects that could increase your awareness with nature and global warming.

1. Increased Suicide

Drought causes the livestock of our farmers to decrease in its survival rate. Suicide could be influenced by emotional distress and other social issues. The destruction of their crops could bring them depression and losing a large amount of money could add more to the issues that they are facing. Researchers have published the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences correlating the events that may have caused the farmers to commit suicide. Aside from the destruction of the crops, people could also commit suicide due to the price hike of the major commodities and having no money to buy them, they think committing suicide could end their sufferings.


2.  West Nile Virus


According to Center for Disease Control, this virus took the lives of 41 people and has infected 1,118 individuals across the country. CDC has detected human and animal infections in 47 states including Texas  which have 586 cases and 11 deaths as reported.


Drought can make creeks to stop flowing and this would be the best habitat for mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. Moreover, increased temperature makes these mosquitoes to breed faster and make the incubation period for the virus to shorten which could make the virus to spread rapidly across the country.


3. River Obstruction

Drought could also dry our river banks. In Memphis, water level goes down as low as 12 feet below the normal level. Ships and boats used to transport goods could not travel along the 11 miles of the river, making the river closed for transportation of goods and making the economy to suffer and worst, bag down. Knowing that this river supports a $40 billion worth of goods, the economy would greatly be affected by this river obstruction. Scooping sediments from the river was done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a response to the event. The marine ecosystem on the river could also be devastated due to the drying of the rivers.


4. Nuclear Plant Shutdown


These power plants rely on the cool water to cool their reactors. When water temperature rises, these power plants would have to have other options in cooling their reactors. If there are no other sources, they could opt to shut down the power plant or release some radioactive materials to support their operation. Nuclear meltdown would be the worst possible scenario, knowing that nuclear power plants operate at an optimum temperature.

5. Cows Fed Candy


Drought causes the farming industry to bag down. Nick Smith, the co-owner of United Livestock Commodities in Kentucky, has to feed his cows with expired candy products just to keep the livestock alive. It has made the cows survived but it has increased the possibility of the cows to develop E. coli. Also, human side effects of these candy-fed cows are possible due to ethanol mixture and expired candies which cows are not intended to eat. Rubbish Clearance London

Top Places To eat in Texas Rangers Ballpark

Texas News– We pay homage to the Texas Rangers home opener of the 2012 baseball season with a list of places to eat at Rangers Ballpark.

Here are Rangers Ballpark’s Five Standouts:


Captain Morgan Club

If you don’t want to Champion Dog with your mouth you need to do it with your eyes only at Captain Morgan Club.








The Budweiser Bowtie at Vandergriff Plaza

It’s not just basic concessions, kiddie meals and candy, anymore. The plaza now has four new restaurants that you’ll surely enjoy.

  • Taqueria (street tacos)
  • Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs)
  • Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers)
  • American Dog  (hotdog)




 Waffle Dog

Like eating waffles? Like dogs? Check it out and then comment here if it’s a terrible idea or the best baseball concession ever. [Section 128)










Diamond Club

The Diamond Club is offering ticket holders the option to get a full meal in two hours before the game and up to one hour after while enjoying a great view. [Lower Level entrance]




Fry Depot

Choosing Cajun or garlic fries is easy, but watch out for the gum or your teammates might not appreciate your seventh inning cheers. [Sections 9 and 42]








Lower Level


Asian Wok: Stir-fried noodles. (Section 124)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower, but so far, no city brews. (Section 131)


Batter’s Eye Club: A special climate-controlled seating area with indoor amenities at Center Field.

*The Budweiser Bowtie: Offers four new restaurants including Taqueria (street tacos), Smokehouse 557 (barbecue and turkey legs), Ryan’s Express 34 (as in Nolan Ryan beef burgers), American Dog (hot dogs). (Vandergriff Plaza behind Center Field)

*Captain Morgan Club: A sit-down joint with a full bar  and that little 2-foot, 1-pound hot dog known as Champion Dog also available as “the Boomstick” at stands in Sections 16 and 42. (Lower Level entrance)

Chicken and More: The Chicken of Chicken and More is for the chicken tenders and chicken-fried steak sandwiches. The More is for hot dogs and corn dogs. (Sections 121 and 130)

Coney Island: Hot dogs with various toppings, but Texas Rangers fans should probably opt for chili.  (Sections 42 and 118)

Diamond Club: Dishes made by Chef Cris Vasquez are available to all, with a game day ticket and opens two hours prior to game. (Lower Level entrance)

Fry Depot: These garlic and Cajun fries don’t mess around. (Sections 9 and 42)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. You can also find one at Grand Slam Snacks in Section 132. (Section 42)

Homeplate Healthy Choices:  If you crave for some turkey sandwich or veggie dog, this is the place. (Section 131)

*Sweet Baby Rays BBQ: The Ranger Tater is definitely the most fun to order out loud. (Sections 115 and 134)

Texas Two Step: Looking for the BLT hot dog? It lives here. (Sections 117 and 135)

*Waffle Dog: Two things that shouldn’t go together but tastes good. (Section 128)


Lexus Club Level


 Ale House: A general beer depot. (Section 241)

*All You Can Eat Seats: All you can eat barbecue chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts and sodas. (Sections 246-252)

Beers of Texas: Beers from Lone Star to Lawnmower. (Section 209)

*Funnel Cake: It’s nice to know where to look for a powdered plate of magic. (Section 237)

Tex-Mex: Really just nachos and different snacks. (Section 237)

Texas Grill: Burgers and sausage-on-a-stick. (Section 209)

Texas Grill Cart: Hot dogs and peanuts. (Section 240)



Upper Level


Backyard Beer (Section 326)

The Range Grill: Everything from chicken tenders to hot dogs to nachos for the upper level. (Sections 308 and 337)

The Shortstop: Foot long corn dogs and other batter-fried options. (Section 343)

*The Snack Shop: Plain and simple Peanuts and Cracker Jacks and popcorn. (Section 302)


Also widely available throughout the stadium:


Peanuts and,

Hot dogs


Ballpark Favorites: Beers of the WorldBlue Bell ice cream, various nachos options (including meat-topped) and other items featuring stadium cheese, sticks and batter.



texas newsA former Texas high school teacher, Britnni Nicole Colleps, 28, of Arlington, was convicted guilty of 16 counts of having an inappropriate relationship between student and teacher. The second-degree felony is punishable by 2 to 20 years in prison per count.

Less than an hour is all it took the jury to conclude that the former teacher was guilty after having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home.

The Tarrant County jury convicted Colleps and sentenced her for five years of imprisonment. Colleps, however, showed little emotion as the verdict was being read.Texas Politics

The former high school teacher allegedly had sex with the five students at her home for over two months in 2011.

Colleps is married and has three children. After the cellphone video of the said encounter that involved the five students emerged, she immediately turned herself in. And the video was shown in trial.

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Texas West Nile Outbreak

west nile virus-Texas NewsLatest Texas News– There is a virus outbreak called West Nile Virus that is hitting the South so hard that Dallas County (Texas’ second most populated region and the place where the deadliest outbreak is located this year), for the first time in 50 years, will resort to aerial spraying of insecticide in order to target the mosquito-borne virus.

The areas that are most affected in the county are Northern Dallas, Highland Park and the University Park and five planes have been requested to spray these affected areas but approval of these actions are still pending.

The county also declared a health emergency with 89 severe cases confirmed out of 214 cases of illness called Neroinvasive West Nile. Deaths are also reported, according to the Texas Infectious Disease Control Unit, eight out of fifteen deaths are from Dallas County.

They say spraying is quite controversial due to the spreading of chemicals in a vast area and it is still not clear to whether it can stop the West Nile Virus or not. But the virus cases and increasing number of deaths are quite high with the virus’ peak season only just begun.


Outbreaks often occur in local areas and factors like weather, heat, rain and the number of mosquitoes that carries the virus, bird population that maintain it and human behavior. Whatever the reason is people should be notified and be alert to take action in order to keep their family safe and virus free.

80% of the people infected with the West Nile Virus don’t have any symptoms; however, the remaining 20% will experience fever, headache, body aches, joint pain, vomiting and even diarrhea. Neurological illness like encephalitis or meningitis is quite rare but 10% of those infected will die.

There are no vaccines yet to prevent the said virus and specific treatment for the symptoms but people with mild symptoms will eventually recover over time. Severe cases requires hospitalization for proper medication and older people who also have medical conditions other than the virus have a higher risk for severe illness.

Avoiding mosquito bites is the Best Tip to prevent the spreading of virus if you are   travelling for a vacation in Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Services recommends residents and tourist to take earlier action by:

  • Having an approved insect repellent every time there is an outing and eating delicious Texas Food. An approved repellent contains DEET, Picaridin or oil of lemon Eucalyptus.
  • Draining water that has collected in empty cans, tires, buckets, and gutters on a daily basis. Stagnant water is where the mosquitoes breed. Local Council must set aside Texas Politics and work hand in hand for the welfare of the people.
  • Wearing clothes that cover your arms and legs (clothes with long sleeves and pants) especially at dawn and dusk.

Making sure that all windows and doors have screens to keep the mosquitoes from entering your home and business in Texas.

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Seven Best Tips To Avoid The West Nile Virus