Travel To Salem and Celebrate Halloween

Do you want  your travels to be memorable then I suggest you  go to Salem, Massachusetts.They are a famous destination during  the Halloween. Rumor has it that witchcraft was once practiced here centuries ago and people were executed because it. If you want to know the legendary stories, horror rides are prepared just for you.

Here are the scariest things you can do in Salem

Salem Trolley’s Tales and Tombstones

Scream with all your capacity for an hour long. Reenactment of murders and executions are famous in this place. Get hold of yourself for the stories that could pop up in your dreams.

Haunted Harbor Cruise

If you like to hear stories about pirates, monsters, and haunted lighthouses, choose this tour to creep you out. An hour and a half tour with haunted stories could make you wish that the tour will end soon.


Witch City Segway

Have you ever wished for a broom stick? Have a tour on several locations with a Segway. It will make you feel that someone might be running after you and not of human in nature.

Derby Square Tours

Want to be scared on a walk? Visit Witch Trial Trail and Terror Trail, it will make you walk faster than ever and running can also trigger it.


The House of the Seven Gables

Watch horrifying performances that are inspired by the events that the alleged witches has undergone centuries ago. Live performances are showing for the whole month of October.

Salem Witch Museum

Stage performances were prepared for its visitors but it’s not showing until the sun has set. The performance shows the trial of the alleged witches or if your too afraid and just want to  enjoy life on the beautiful Santa Teresa Costa Rica beach.


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