Things That You Should Do Before Surfing in Santa Teresa

Surfing in Santa Teresa

Santa teresa SurfingSurfing is one of the most vigorous activities that an individual could engage in. It takes the coordination of your whole body in order to enjoy surfing.

Surfing also improves the strength of your muscles, heart rate, body balance, and endurance. In total, this activity would make you more fit and healthy.

It would take a lot of effort and preparation whenever you plan to engage in surfing. Always clear your mind from anxieties in order for you to enjoy more.

Basic of Surfing

First, take a look at the weather forecast. When the tide is not safe, don’t dare to surf. Doing this with a bad weather would mean going into danger.

Second, do the warm up. Muscle crumps could result into drowning. Having your body warmed up would give your body a good transition from land to water. Stretching and jogging in place for five minutes would do. Remember, surfing needs muscle coordination and stretching would prepare your body for such activity.

Third, treading should be learned. Whenever the tides separate you from your board, you have to tread and swim towards the shore in order for you not to drown. The tide will not be always friendly to you or your surfboard. You should be good in swimming and treading.

Fourth, surveying the location will make you aware of the surface under the water. Sometimes, the sea bed is not as clear as you expected it. Rocks, jetties, piers, reefs, and the like are sometimes present and might cause injury to the surfer whenever they stumble on it.

Fifth, use sun blocks. This would give your skin a good protection from the heat of the sun, not to mention the sunburns that you can get. Choose a sun block that is water proof and contains SPF of 30+ and above. UVA/UVB suits are made available for the public. This is recommended so as not to get toasted under the heat of the sun.

Sixth, a good and balanced diet is needed by the body in order to perform very well. A high-protein and low-fat diet is recommended after the activity in order to help your body repair the damaged cells during the activity. Ionized water is also recommended rather than the usual bottled water because this contains electrolytes that will replenish the ones that were lost during the activity.

Surfing Schools in Malpais

There are many surfing schools you can try in Malpais and Santa Teresa Costa Rica. You can also go to the famous Suck Rock or Rocamar a famous Bar at the break. La Lora would be a great place for practice since this is where competitions are held.

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