Travel Tips For Your Expensive High Tech Gadgets

It was  the most romantic spot of my travel and I was ready to capture the perfect  moment then suddenly my camera goes dead!?

What a bummer. There were already a lot of signs before I left the hotel but I ignored it.
It was my most unforgettable moment as a traveler.
It even gives me shivers recounting those important shots I was not able to take and  now I am new person, much wiser and much more prettier.

Since that tragic event of my travel  I have never again failed  to capture those amazing places I have visited and the people I have met following this simple tips.

Camera Goes Blank

Most common problem of the cameras while on travel, is when it’s about to go empty. So do not miss another important shot by bringing along your charger.Never leave the hotel with the camera battery indicator on half full so that you will not have to go back later after a ten mile hike on Nicoya Peninsula. Try to have an extra battery pack if you travel frequently. Traveling outdoors is not a problem anymore since cheap solar chargers are already available on the market.

Memory Card With Full

Never upload your pics from anyone’s computer.It might contain a virus that can destroy all your pictures. Use only your own laptop for the transfer.It is best to have an extra memory card since it’s cheaper compared to losing all you baby pics.

If you can afford an expensive gadget then protect it with a high quality case.You only have to buy once so make sure it can outlast you.Airports are harmful to you gadgets. They are evil and will try to hurt your high-tech toys. They will throw, bounce, bump and stack your luggage so make sure it will last the flight. Do not let evil succeed. Try to hand carry your most valuable possession.

Cell phone Diving in the Water

So excited and you forgot to remove your iPhone while diving on the pool. Never turn it on and try to remove the batteries. Place it inside the container of uncooked rice. The rice will absorb the water. Have a technician check it up and it is best to have those water proof protectors if most of your travels are located on the beach of Santa Teresa and Malpais Costa Rica. If you are so forgetful then get insurance for your gadget and worry no more.


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