Google Maps Ready To Guide Apple’s iPhone 5 Users Accurately

On Sept 19, Apple released the latest iO6 software update while leaving Google Maps to eat dust together with its older versions.

Google maps have long been an important Apps in iPhone since its introduction in 2007.The conflict begun a year after when Google launch Android that lead to the healthy  competition. The late Former CEO of Apple,Steve Jobs  told his biographer.

”I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

Apple tried to create a better Map service that can change its view with a movement of your iPhone unlike the Google Maps where you need to touch the screen.

An issue on the Turn-by-turn voice navigation prompted Apple’s iPhone from denying Google maps from joining its iOS 6 update.

Android have already a voice guided turn but is hesitant to share their trade secrets since they have invested a lot of time and money perfecting that Apps.


This is not just a great free recording software that Google can easily share it with Apple.

Apple has a history of denying Apps that provides features in their iPhone. In 2009 FCC intervened for Google so that Google Voice will be included in their system. A free recording software would not have a chance to see the light of day in an iPhone if Apple will have it’s way.

After a well publicized move, iPhone users began to encountered problems like being lost. Some have reported wrong markings in hard to miss famous landmarks. Erroneous animations  of places.

Latest iPhone 5 Users will have to wait just a little longer and endure the inaccuracies and failures of the iOS 6 Maps Application since   Google Maps Apps has not yet been invited back in to the Apple’s iOS App Store.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 would have not encountered this issue if they have just included the much more accurate Google Map Apps from Google.

Apple has issued a statement last week that it will be fixing the issues and will try to remedy the problem of Apple Maps has created.

Reports have indicated that sooner or later, Google will have to create its own Google Map for iOS because of the demand and clamor for a better map service but Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt has told reporters recently that the search giant is not working on a Google Maps app for iOS 6.

Maybe it’s now time for Apple to contact Google and just let Google introduce Google Maps on its latest iPhone 5 for a mutual benefit. Better Apps can lead to more iPhone sales.


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