Another Emmy for JESSICA LANGE On American Horror Story 2012

I have always admired Jessica Lange’s acting style and now She has been rewarded again through her devotion , an  award coming from the Emmy’s.

The EMMYS is an award giving body that support the talent of the actors and actresses in the television and movies. They give recognition to those actors that portray their character with an exemplary style just like my idol Jessica.

In the recent EMMYS Jessica Lange took home the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in A Miniseries at the 64th annual Emmys awards ceremony for her work in “American Horror Story”.

“I felt we had told that story in the first season and to return to it and revisit it was less interesting to me than starting fresh with a whole new place, time, characters, story, circumstances,” Lange told reporters backstage of the series co-created by Glee’sRyan Murphy.

“I’m actually enjoying it; it’s like doing a different film.”

American Horror Story, following its 13-episode freshman run, was revealed to be an anthology type of series– rebooting itself with a different location, theme and plot every season.

In a controversial move, the series was submitted in the miniseries and movie category; where it was shut out in the major awards save for Lange’s acting win. (HBO’s Game Change collected the miniseries/movie Emmy.)

Jessica Lange is an American actress who has worked in different types of media such as film, theatre and television. She works in the movie THE VOW and BIG FISH which has been a top grosser in the cinemas.

Lange will return for Season 2 of “American Horror Story,” subtitled “Asylum,” but as a completely new character and I am so excited. I hope they can do some Malpais and Santa Teresa Beach scenes in a haunted Areas of Costa Rica next time.

Homeland Raked Most Of The Emmy 2012 Awards



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