Most Common Effects Global Warming is Here

Droughts, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes are the major effects of global warming. Here are the other effects that could increase your awareness with nature and global warming.

1. Increased Suicide

Drought causes the livestock of our farmers to decrease in its survival rate. Suicide could be influenced by emotional distress and other social issues. The destruction of their crops could bring them depression and losing a large amount of money could add more to the issues that they are facing. Researchers have published the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences correlating the events that may have caused the farmers to commit suicide. Aside from the destruction of the crops, people could also commit suicide due to the price hike of the major commodities and having no money to buy them, they think committing suicide could end their sufferings.


2.  West Nile Virus


According to Center for Disease Control, this virus took the lives of 41 people and has infected 1,118 individuals across the country. CDC has detected human and animal infections in 47 states including Texas  which have 586 cases and 11 deaths as reported.


Drought can make creeks to stop flowing and this would be the best habitat for mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus. Moreover, increased temperature makes these mosquitoes to breed faster and make the incubation period for the virus to shorten which could make the virus to spread rapidly across the country.


3. River Obstruction

Drought could also dry our river banks. In Memphis, water level goes down as low as 12 feet below the normal level. Ships and boats used to transport goods could not travel along the 11 miles of the river, making the river closed for transportation of goods and making the economy to suffer and worst, bag down. Knowing that this river supports a $40 billion worth of goods, the economy would greatly be affected by this river obstruction. Scooping sediments from the river was done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a response to the event. The marine ecosystem on the river could also be devastated due to the drying of the rivers.


4. Nuclear Plant Shutdown


These power plants rely on the cool water to cool their reactors. When water temperature rises, these power plants would have to have other options in cooling their reactors. If there are no other sources, they could opt to shut down the power plant or release some radioactive materials to support their operation. Nuclear meltdown would be the worst possible scenario, knowing that nuclear power plants operate at an optimum temperature.

5. Cows Fed Candy


Drought causes the farming industry to bag down. Nick Smith, the co-owner of United Livestock Commodities in Kentucky, has to feed his cows with expired candy products just to keep the livestock alive. It has made the cows survived but it has increased the possibility of the cows to develop E. coli. Also, human side effects of these candy-fed cows are possible due to ethanol mixture and expired candies which cows are not intended to eat. Rubbish Clearance London


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