European Union Raises The Bar High For Recycling

recycling-rubbish clearance LondonThe European Union(EU) will force citizens to recycle through proper segregation before rubbish clearance can be collected in the garbage designated areas. Other Councils have been accustomed of putting all the garbage in just one bag and the garbage are removed by the garbage truck hassle free.

With these mandate the member states must follow and adhere to the new guidelines which I think can really help towards making our environment green.

Some locations in Wales have welcome this recycling ways and are already implementing this type of segregation method which is commendable like Councils of Newport, Bridend and Gwynedd. We are so happy here at Clear it Waste London that your community is helping to reduce the rubbish properly in kerbside.

Councils operating co-mingled systems, such as Cardiff, Ceredigion and Monmouthshire have not yet implemented the guidelines will have to suffer stiff sanctions if they will not adhere to the new recycling plans. I hope the people in that area will try to encourage their politicians to follow the guidelines not for the consequences but for the future of their children.

Full implementation of the segregation will begin in January 2015. Everyone must cooperate in order for this project to be successful.

The Welsh government says “That it would be unable to pay any waste management grants to councils who are deemed not to be complying with the EU directive – which would be a big financial hit.”

The purpose of EU is to improve the segregation system being collected for recycling.

Environment Minister John Griffiths have set a very high target of 70% by 2025. 

A spokesperson for Environment Minister John Griffiths said: “Kerbside sorting is the Welsh government’s preferred method of recycling collection as evidence shows that it delivers better sustainable development outcomes than co-mingling.

“This method of collection reduces residual waste and results in the collection of high levels of clean recyclables that can be reprocessed into new products. It also tends to be better value for money than co-mingled kerbside approaches.

“The Welsh government would like to see all local authorities adopt kerbside sorting in order to achieve greater consistency of service across Wales.”

As of now the cost of implementing this will be substantial but we think there is no substitute in making our environment sustainable in the future.


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