Safety Tips When Traveling With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet in hot temperatures is dangerous and certain precautions must be done in order for an enjoyable summer holiday.
Jan Null, a Geoscientist at San Francisco State University, has done a lot of research on vehicle temperatures when outside temperatures are between 72 and 96 degrees.

On a regular hot 72-degree day, the vehicle interior temperatures can reach from 91 degrees in just a short 10 minutes and at 85 degrees car interior temperatures can reach 104 to 119 degrees from just 10 to 30 minutes. At 95 degrees outside temperatures, the temperature can reach to 119 degrees in just 15 minutes and can reach up to 140 degrees in an hour.

The darker the car’s interior the hotter it gets inside.

Also increasing the thickness of windows from 1.5 to 2 inches has no significant effect of reducing the heat inside the vehicle.
“The sun’s shortwave energy [also] heats any objects that it strikes [inside the car] such as the dashboard, which can heat to 180 to 200 degrees, steering wheel, child seat and animal carrier,” says Null. “These act as conductors to heat the adjacent air, followed by the effects of convection and long-wave radiation, which is very efficient at warming the air trapped inside a vehicle.”

Here are some travelling guides when bringing your pets while travelling.

1) Make sure you turn on the air-condition 10 minutes before letting your pet inside the car. Back seat must be cool enough for you before placing the pet.

2) When stopping for meals, pictures or souvenirs make sure to park your car in the shade and bring your pet along for a breath of fresh air, water breaks and walking exercise.

3) Look for signs of dehydration or weariness from your pet. Take immediate action so that it will not get worse and look for the nearest veterinary clinic/hospital for proper medical attention.


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