Rubbish Clearance Recycle goals for UK Councils up by 65%

rubbish clearance london UK Councils launch new recycle goals up to 65%.

Hull and East Riding councils are launching a campaign that will make    them as the best recycling masters in United Kingdom.

East Riding will be aiming to recycle 65% of their household waste by 2020 and Hull will be aiming 60% by that same year.

With their urban structure it will be a difficult to achieve but their target 6 years ago of 45% have been achieved and a new goal is needed for their council.


East Riding councilor Symon Fraser, environment portfolio holder, said: “Previously, when we set the target of 45 per cent, we couldn’t really imagine how we would achieve that.

“Our residents have been fantastic and now we need another ambitious target to drive that forward.

“The most important thing is that our residents want to do it. They’re up for it.”

Doug Sharp, Hull City Council’s assistant head of service for waste and open spaces, said: “The council currently has one of the best recycling rates of any city in the country, recycling almost half the waste collected in the city.

“The new strategy has set challenging targets for both increasing recycling and diversion of waste from landfill.

“The strategy has also introduced new targets for C02 reduction, which demonstrates the council’s aspiration to enhance Hull’s reputation as a green city.”

Mr Fraser said: “We’re hoping the various providers who are out there will get back to us with proposals, whether they are long-term or short-term proposals.

“The most important thing is there are commercial opportunities locally, nationally and even internationally for material we hitherto considered to be just waste. Companies take it away and there is a pay-off for the taxpayer.”

The East Yorkshire will be using contractors.

Mr. Fraser said: “It is the contractors that carry the risk.

“Everything has a value and, right now, some of those values are high.

“But it can be a volatile market. That’s why we contract out because councils don’t want to carry the risk in a vulnerable market.”

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