Latest technology helps recycle more plastics

The battle for waste have a new weapon and that is technology and better instructions. Now we can recycle more plastics and rubbish removal will be easier now. Rubbish collection of plastics that are two gallons or less can now be put in our bins and go to a state of the art Material Recycling Facility (MRF).

The latest MRF whish is known as “Bollegraaf Single Stream System” can now segregates garbage that is group together especially plastic containers and can be segregated to their respective materials accurately. This technology uses different methods of sorting such as manual, mechanical, and now, newly-installed optical sorting technology to turn your mixed recyclables into separate, saleable products. It follows the required recycling guidelines to make your rubbish transfer safely and efficient through the facility.

Now we do not have to check the bottom of every plastic we put into our bins. We only have to ask this simple questions or by looking at the containers and were done. Dump all the garbage that is two gallons or less plastic materials.

Is it made of plastic?

Is this less two gallons or less?

Unlike before that people have to check every plastic and this discourage people to segregate and recycle which leads to more work for the segregation team.

This new materials can now be recycled such as plastic jars, tubs, cups, yogurt containers, take-out containers and egg cartons.

Soda, shampoo, water bottles/butter, ice cream, margarine tubs/mayo, peanut butter, jelly jars/milk, juice, detergent jugs/plastic take-out containers/plastic egg cartons/yogurt containers/iced coffee cups.

Rubbish Collection London  recycles 80% of the rubbish collected.


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