What can one plastic bottle you recycled can do?

During extreme heat or out in the sun, we are always grabbing a bottle of cool and refreshing bottle of water or soda. Although we don’t really care about our famous plastic bottle, did you know what can one plastic bottle you recycle can do? .

We use around 15 million of plastic bottles in the United Kingdom and that’s a lot of waste! We sometimes complain about how much rubbish we have in United Kingdom but we are the cause and the solution. Plastic bottles  are slowly filling our landfill but nearly half of this is being recycled today. Congratulate yourself for the effort, but you can do more to lessen our rubbish.

We have been recycling more than 20 times now since 2000 because of the different technologies available for recycling and hopefully all materials can be recycled 100%. Today we can get products such as fences, bags, flooring, fleeces and even recycled bottles from bottles. Try buying products from recycled materials so that they can produce more recycled products. 

I urge you to recycle a bottle a day or don’t use plastic bottles anymore. If all of us in the UK will do this , then we can save more energy to energize 71,000 plasma screen TV’s. So clean your old water bottle and carry it every day when you go to work or watch a football game.

Here are some interesting Plastic Facts

  • 1947- Plastic bottles were available for commercial use and we have filled our landfills with it and now is a great time to recycle.
  • Almost all plastic bottles can be recycled now so why not start recycling and show you’re creative side.
  • For 35 years now, the plastic bottle is the most used material and we have a choice of not using them. Bring your own bag when buying your grocery.
  • One tonne of recycle bottle can prevent 1.5 tonnes of carbon emission that would help our environment a lot.
  • An adult size fleece can be made using 25 2-liter of plastic bottle, so why not use those old clothes or donate them.
  • 90% of our Local authorities offer collection areas for recycling and all we have to do is segregate.

So what can one plastic bottle do? One plastic bottle you recycled can power a 60 W of light bulb in six hours, so try to bring your own water bottle every day to work or play.

Rubbish Removal London recycle almost 80% of the rubbish they collect.


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